Tuesday, July 7 took place the fourth event of WIIS Italy Mentoring Programme on the topic Personal Branding – in collaboration with The Brussels Binder.

Paola Garbini, founder of Noi Club (noiclub.org) ed transformational marketing expert, shared with the mentees meaning and importance of the concept of personal branding. Between introspection and perception, personal branding – Paola explained – is the way in which we can establish and empower who we are and what we stand for, both in the private and public sphere. Rejecting the masculine understanding of leadership and, instead, embracing the idea of a personal and subjective leadership, personal branding becomes an essential element for a leader.

Paola analyzed with the participants the complex path of identity deconstruction (being women, workers, students…) necessary to fully understand oneself and genuinely arise in one or more communites – online as well as offline. Three core elements in personal branding: authenticity in contentsi, the brand itself, meaning how to transfer one’s messages to the target, and the communities you are addressing.

Personal branding is not, as many people think, a fake cover behind which you can hide. On the contrary, personal branding is a support for professional women, a means to widen your community, promote yourself, and share you successes and stories: “act, do well, and share”.