The Security is Woman

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This is a blog that gathers the voices of all the people that believe that, because the security is a too serious and universal matter, it is no possible to leave that only into the male hands. Through deep reflections and analyses on current issues, WIIS Italy’s blog wants to underline the important connection existing between gender and security issues.

The blog is handled by WIIS Italy, but it won’t be a female blog addresses only to women.
On the contrary, it will be a place where it would be possible to gather contributions and reflections given by all the network’s members.

Information and culture are the most powerful weapons which can be used to change the world.

Turkey: Withdawal from the Istanbul Convention

March 20, 2021

On March 20, 2021, the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has decided to withdraw Turkey from The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention). “President Erdogan's gesture is a...

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The Invisible Battle during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: Abigail I. Furlong*

Since the beginning of the global pandemic in March 2020, there has been a spike in online sexual exploitation. Contrary to popular opinion, the pandemic has served to allow human trafficking to prosper despite stricter movement laws. While many people’s minds were...

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It’s WIIS Italy’s 4th Birthday today!

It's WIIS Italy's 4th Birthday today! It's been 4 intense years where we've reached important achievements and we're proud to be part of a global network that includes 35 chapters and more than 7.000 all over the world. In the coming months we want to expand our...

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Marina, la prima donna a guidare un plotone dei marines

Autrice: Marta Serafini

«Ho sempre desiderato fare qualcosa di importante. E ho sempre voluto essere parte di un gruppo di persone disposte a morire una per l’altra. E allora cosa di meglio dei marines?». Ventiquattro anni, un’infanzia tra i cavalli a Bethlehem, in Pennsylvania, lunga...

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Canada’s feminist foreign policy

Author: Alex Bugailiskis, Canadian Ambassador to Italy.

Gender equality, the empowerment of women and girls as well as the promotion and protection of their human rights are key Canadian values. Advancing gender equality supports long-term sustainable economic growth, social progress, and sustainable development. Gender...

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“Women in the Mediterranean”

We would like to signal this new book, “Women in the Mediterranean” (London, Routledge 2018), edited by Leila Simona Talani (King’s College, London) and Serena Giusti (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies Pisa), which confronts important issues related to women in the...

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Women attraction for ISIS

Author: Jihane El Fassi - German scientific researcher with Moroccan roots, who studied International relations and whose main focus are Gender and the status of women, Islam & Human Rights as well as the challenge of integration and international security

The international community is currently confronted by a new wave of migrants, which is threatening the world security and questioning the world order. The circumstance that men - known as foreign fighters, join the new1 transnational religious terrorist group in...

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Le donne di IS: l’illusione dell’emancipazione femminile

Autrice: Erika Panuccio

Lo Stato Islamico (IS) o Da’ish ha adottato un diverso approccio al mondo femminile rispetto a gruppi come al-Qa’ida, che relega le donne al ruolo di madri di futuri combattenti. IS ha avuto la lungimiranza di attribuire loro dei compiti più rilevanti, tra cui il...

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